Patient and Caregiver Prayer Beads

This custom set was crafted in advance of a major surgery for the patient and her caregiver. Both use Christian symbolism and numerology, in addition to carefully chosen crystals. The strands feature spacing elements in four places, and a cross appears when those elements are connected. The patient’s prayer beads have sets of three for the Holy Trinity, and the caregiver’s prayer beads are grouped into sets of seven.

Patient Prayer Beads

  • Green aventurine – luck
  • Blue apatite – communication and manifestation
  • Amethyst – healing
  • Garnet – love and vitality
  • Citrine – joy and creativity
  • Cherry blossom agate pendant – blossoming after challenging times

Caregiver Prayer Beads

  • Garnet – love and vitality
  • Sodalite – communication
  • Amethyst – healing
  • Snowflake obsidian – grounding and protection

May these beads give this sweet couple strength and a bit of luck for her upcoming surgery!