We’re family. A pagan witch and two Christians, drawn together by blood and our shared awe for this universe.

We believe that spirituality and truth come in many forms. We pray, cast spells, call on deities (God and otherwise), and stir intentions into our tea.

Our handcrafted art supports your sacred and mundane practices. From jewelry and jewelry boxes to prayer beads and custom altar kits, we infuse care and protection into each of our workings.

We are open to crafting objects for many spiritual practices, taking care to avoid closed practices. We are women- and queer-owned, and we refuse to enable bigotry in our business dealings.

As scientists and technologists we also firmly believe in evidence-based treatment and medical care. Our offerings are designed as a complement to traditional medicine. Please note that our products cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.

Our crafts are cleansed and charged or blessed (please let us know what you prefer!) before shipping. We encourage you to cleanse and charge again on receipt to get rid of any energies your object may have picked up during shipping.