Grounding Prayer Beads

Suffice it to say, 2020 didn’t go as expected. This set of 11 prayer beads evoked compassion, stability, and balance for staff members at a Quaker nonprofit.


Each set of prayer beads has 5 sets of 5 semiprecious gemstones, separated by small rosewood breath beads, with a semiprecious focal. The stones were chosen specifically for their spiritual correspondences:

  • Bronzite: courtesy, unprejudiced discernment
  • Red Jasper: vitality and grounded energy
  • Cherry Creek Jasper: balance, relaxation, grounding
  • Copper Ore: energetic magnification
  • Pyrite: shielding and protection
  • Sodalite: clear communication
  • Black Tourmaline: protection

The prayer beads were meticulously knotted here in Western North Carolina on waxed linen thread with rosewood breath beads.